Each area of study within the Wesley Chapel High School’s Fine Arts Department will showcase a performance based on the theme of “social media & cyber bullying”; a topic that is timely for all students using a laptop and/or cell phone!

This show is a great way to introduce and/or reinforce the entire family’s understanding of using social media responsibly and being aware of cyber bullying. The band program will play a piece of music that relates to bullying; musically depicting the idea. The dance program will present a choreographed piece using 10 – 15 dancers. The dance will focus on bullying through movement, gestures and dancers’ interactions throughout the piece.


The TV Production program will present a Public Service Announcement and a short short film about cyber bullying. For the drama portion, the High School’s Playwriting students will present a series of short (2-5 minute) scenes centering around the effects of cyberbullying, performed by student actors.

In the Center’s new art gallery, an exhibition will hang that will be a combination of Drawing, Photography, 2D, and 3D work that reflects the anti-cyberbullying theme. The exhibit will be a mix of artwork that is straight forward with the theme as well as work that is more subtle, requiring more interpretation by the viewers.

March 31, 2016 | Open to Public | Adults $10 | Students $5