School Events

COVID-19 Disclaimer

Shows listed are subject to cancellation depending on the Pasco County School District’s COVID 19 status. It is suggested that you call the CFAWC Secretary at 813-794-8749 to confirm the status of the event you and your group will be attending for the latest up-to-date information.

Wesley Chapel HS9th Grade OrientationThurs., July 29, 20218AM - 11AM
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieWed., Aug. 25, 202110AM - 12:30PM
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieTues., Sept. 7, 202110AM - 12:30PM
Wesley Chapel HSHerff Jones PresentationTues., Sept. 28, 20218AM - 12PM
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieWed., Sept. 29, 202110AM - 12:30PM
Cypress Creek HSOrchestra ConcertFri., Oct. 1, 20216PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSDrama Production RehearsalMon., Oct. 4 - Thurs., Oct. 7 3PM - 7PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSDrama - ShowFri., Oct. 8, 2021 7PM - 9PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSDrama - ShowSat., Oct. 9, 20213PM - 5PM
Wesley Chapel HSBand ConcertMon., Oct. 11, 2021 7PM
Cypress Creek MSDrama Production/ShowTues., Oct. 12 - Sat., Oct. 16Times TBD
Sunlake HSDrama Production RehearsalMon., Oct. 18 - Thurs., Oct. 213PM - 10PM
Sunlake HSDrama - ShowsFri., Oct. 22 - Sun., Oct. 24Times TBD
Wesley Chapel HSDrama Production RehearsalMon., Oct. 25 - Tues., Oct. 262PM - 5:30PM
Wesley Chapel HSDrama Production RehearsalWed., Oct. 277:30AM - 2PM
Wesley Chapel HSDrama - ShowsThurs., Oct. 28 - Fri., Oct. 297PM
Land O Lakes HSJazz Band ConcertMon., Nov. 1, 20216:30PM
Weightman MSDrama ProductionTues., Nov. 2 - Wed., Nov. 33PM - 9PM
Watergrass ESMusicalThurs., Nov. 4, 20217PM
Cypress Creek HSOrchestra ConcertMon., Nov. 8, 20217PM
Wesley Chapel ESMusicalTues., Nov. 9, 20216:30PM
Cypress Creek MSBand ConcertWed., Nov. 10, 20217PM
Land O Lakes HSDance RehearsalThurs., Nov. 11, 20216PM - 9PM
Land O Lakes HSDance PerformanceFri., Nov. 12, 20217PM
New River ESMusicalMon., Nov. 15, 20217PM
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieTues., Nov. 16, 202110AM - 12:30PM
Connerton ESMusicalTues., Nov. 16, 20216:30PM
Seven Oaks ES2nd & 3rd Grade MusicalWed., Nov. 17, 20217PM
Cypress Creek MSDance ShowcaseFri., Nov. 19, 20217PM
Cypress Creek MSDance ShowcaseSat., Nov. 20, 20217PM
Cypress Creek MSDance ShowcaseSun., Nov. 21, 202112:30PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSBand ConcertMon., Nov. 29, 20217PM
Watergrass ESMusicalTues., Nov. 30, 20217PM
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieWed., Dec. 1, 202110AM - 12:30PM
Wiregrass Ranch HS/John Long MSCombined Orchestra ConcertWed., Dec. 1, 20217PM
Cypress Creek HSDance ShowcaseThurs., Dec. 2 - Fri., Dec. 37PM
Weightman MSBand ConcertSun., Dec. 5, 20215PM
Wesley Chapel HSDance ShowcaseMon., Dec. 6 - Tues., Dec. 77PM
Pasco HSBand ConcertWed., Dec. 8, 20217:30PM
Land O Lakes HSBand ConcertThurs., Dec. 9, 20216:30PM
Seven Oaks ESK/1 MusicalFri., Dec. 10, 20216PM
Wesley Chapel HSBand ConcertMon., Dec. 13, 20217PM
John Long MSChoral ConcertTues., Dec. 14, 20216:30PM
Veteran’s ESMusicalWed., Dec. 15, 20217PM
Wesley Chapel ESMusicalThurs., Dec. 16, 20216:30PM
Denham Oaks ESMusicalFri., Dec. 17, 20216:30PM
Pine View MSDrama Production RehearsalsMon., Jan. 10 - Wed., Jan. 124PM - 7PM
Pine View MSDrama ShowsThurs., Jan. 13 - Fri., Jan. 147PM
Pine View MSDrama MatineeSat., Jan. 15Time TBD
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieTues., Jan. 18, 202210AM - 12:30PM
Weightman MSTalent Show RehearsalTues., Jan. 18, 20224PM - 8PM
Wesley Chapel HSParent Night Curriculum FairMon., Jan. 24, 20226PM - 7PM
Wesley Chapel HSJazz Band MPA concertWed., Jan. 26, 20227PM
Weightman MSTalent ShowsThurs., Jan. 27, 20229AM - 3PM
Cypress Creek MSHowlabrationThurs., Jan. 27, 20226PM - 9PM
Wesley Chapel HS8th Grade ShowcaseTues., Feb. 1, 20229AM - 10AM
Wesley Chapel HS8th Grade Parent NightTues., Feb. 1, 20226PM - 7:30PM
Weightman MSHonor Roll CeremonyFri., Feb. 4, 20228AM - 1PM
Land ‘O Lakes HSDrama Production RehearsalMon., Feb. 7 - Wed., Feb. 93:30PM - 7PM
Land ‘O Lakes HSDrama ShowsThurs., Feb. 10 - Sat., Feb. 12(3:30PM - 10PM)
Cypress Creek MS/HSCombined Orchestra ConcertMon., Feb. 14, 20225PM - 9PM
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieTues., Feb. 15, 202210AM - 12:30PM
Wesley Chapel HSNational Honor Society InductionTues., Feb. 15, 20227PM
Cypress Creek MSBand Pre MPA ConcertWed., Feb. 16, 20225PM - 10PM
Cypress Creek HSBand ConcertThurs., Feb. 17, 20227PM
Wesley Chapel HSBand Pre MPA ConcertFri., Feb. 18, 20227PM
Sunlake HSDrama ProductionMon., Feb. 21 - Sun., Feb. 27(Times TBD)
Weightman MSDrama ProductionMon., Feb. 28 - Sat., March 5(Times TBD)
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieTues., March 8, 202210AM - 12:30PM
Connerton ESMusicalTues., March 8, 20226:30PM
Watergrass ESMusicalWed., March 9, 20227PM
Cypress Creek HSDance ShowcaseThurs., Mar. 10 - Fri., Mar. 117PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSDrama Production RehearsalTues., Mar. 22 - Thurs., Mar. 243PM - 7PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSDrama ShowsFri., Mar. 25 / Sat., Mar. 267PM / 3PM
Wesley Chapel HSESE Talent Show RehearsalWed., March 30, 202210AM - 1PM
Wesley Chapel HSESE Talent Show RehearsalThurs., March 31, 202210AM - 1PM
Wesley Chapel HSTalent Show RehearsalThurs., March 31, 20222:15PM - 4:15PM
Wesley Chapel HSTalent ShowFri., April 1, 20221PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSChoral ConcertFri., April 1, 20225PM - 10PM
Wesley Chapel HSDrama Production RehearsalMon., April 4 - Tues., April 52PM - 5:30PM
Wesley Chapel HSDrama Production RehearsalWed., April 67:30AM - 2PM
Wesley Chapel HSDrama ShowThurs., April 7 - Fri., April 87PM
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieTues., April 5, 202210AM - 12:30PM
Wesley Chapel ESMusicalMon., April 11, 20226:30PM
Veterans ESMusicalTues., April 12, 20227PM
Cypress Creek HSBand ConcertWed., April 13, 20227PM
Denham Oaks ESMusicalThurs., April 14, 20226:30PM
Wiregrass ESMusicalMon., April 18, 20227PM
Wesley Chapel HSESE Talent ShowTues., April 19, 202210AM - 1PM
Pasco HSBand ConcertTues., April 19, 20227:30PM
New River ESMusicalWed., April 20, 20227PM
Cypress Creek HSDance ShowcaseThurs., April 21 - Fri., April 227PM
Cypress Creek HSDance ShowcaseSat., April 231:30PM / 7PM
Cypress Creek HSDance ShowcaseSun., April 247PM
Weightman MSNational Jr. Honor Society Induction CeremonyMon., April 25, 20226PM
Land ‘O Lakes HS/Pine View MSCombined Choral ConcertTues., April 26, 20227PM
Wesley Chapel HSBand ConcertWed., April 27, 20227PM
Wesley Chapel HSFilm FestivalThurs., April 28, 202210AM - 12:15PM/ 12:45PM - 2PM
Land ‘O Lakes HSJazz Band ConcertThurs., April 28, 20226:30PM
John Long MSChoral ConcertFri., April 29, 20226:30PM
Land ‘O Lakes HSDance Showcase RehearsalMon., May 2, 20226PM - 9PM
Wesley Chapel HSCBI MovieTues., May 3, 202210AM - 12:30PM
Land ‘O Lakes HSDance ShowcaseTues., May 3, 20227PM
Wiregrass Ranch HS/John Long MSCombined Orchestra ConcertWed., May 4, 20227PM
Land ‘O Lakes HSBand ConcertThurs., May 5, 20226:30PM
Cypress Creek MSDance ShowcaseFri., May 6 - Sat., May 77PM
Cypress Creek MSDance ShowcaseSun., May 812:30PM
Seven Oaks ESGrade 4/5 MusicalMon., May 9, 20227PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSBand ConcertTues., May 10, 20227PM
John Long MSBand ConcertWed., May 11, 20227PM
Wesley Chapel HSDance ShowcaseThurs., May 12 - Sat., May 147PM
Wesley Chapel HSCatsbys AwardsMon., May 16, 20226PM
Cypress Creek HSGrowler AwardsTues., May 17, 20226PM
Weightman MSBand ConcertWed., May 18, 20227PM
Wesley Chapel HSSenior AwardsThurs., May 19, 20225PM - 9PM
Wiregrass Ranch HSChoral ConcertFri., May 20, 20227PM
Cypress Creek MSHowlabrationMon., May 23, 20226PM - 10PM
Weightman MS8th Grade Promotion RehearsalTues., May 24, 20229AM - 11AM
Cypress Creek MS8th Grade PromotionTues., May 24, 20226PM - 10PM
Weightman MS8th Grade Promotion CeremonyWed., May 25, 20228:30AM - 12:30PM

*Times subject to change.